Adapted from expert craftsman Dr. John Kassay’s drawings of 18th- and 19th- century Windsor chairs, the collection purposefully disrupts the notion of “correctness.”  At first glance, these are Windsors; they blend into the images we hold of domestic places we may have encountered at some point or another, but, at second glance, they’re more unreasonable.  The Wrong Chairs comment on the ability for an object to be, at once, wrong and right. While deviating from the original design and appearing broken or unbalanced, the chairs are structurally sound.  The seven chairs push the visuality of illusions beyond basic trompe l’oeil styling and toward a projective form of vision, or cunning sight that embraces visual error as both intuition and method.







Volume, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Project Team

Thomas Kelley, Carrie Norman, Rives Rash