Interior alterations to an existing commercial lobby at 303 East Wacker Drive, a 30-story office building owned by Beacon Capital Partners. Located on the riverfront in the East Loop submarket of Chicago, the building was originally designed by Joseph Y. Fujikawa in 1979 in the style of renowned architect Mies van der Rohe. After Fujikawa’s death in 2004, Chicago Tribune Architecture Critic Blair Kamin wrote that “sometimes, his associates recalled, Mr. Fujikawa wanted to be more like Mies than Mies himself.” The newly renovated lobby honors Fujikawa and his architectural affinities. The alterations to the original lobby include a new floor, bar, seating area, and lighting. Together, these elements draw inspiration from the finishes and details of Miesian towers built in Chicago after his death. In this style, construction tolerance is tight, focused on alignment, while the simpler geometries and materials allow the interior to serve as background. 



Beacon Capital Partners


303 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois, USA




2,200 ft² / 204 m²

Project Team

Thomas Kelley, Isabelle Reford, William Stauffer

Consultant Team

Electrical: Salas O'Brien; MEP: Calor Design; Cafe Equipment: PJP; Permit Expediter: Burnham Nationwide

Construction Team

General Contractor: Clune Construction


Christopher Leh