“The cheekiest of any of the pieces is Drop-Leaf Table in Oblique Elevation (with Drop-Leaf Table in Oblique Elevation) by Norman Kelley. A finely crafted piece of furniture in its own right, the Drop-Leaf Table is skewed, as if directly built from an axonometric drawing. Sitting against the gallery wall, like one might expect a similar piece of furniture, the table is also the display stand for a smaller flattened version of itself. It should also be noted that the leaves and a small drawer in the table, like those of the miniature version, don’t ‘work.’ This makes the table, as well-made as it may be, about as useful as any other theater set piece.”


Matthew Messner, "Spaces without drama or surface is an illusion, but so is depth,” The Architect’s Newspaper, May 22, 2017.